2010 Camp des Cimes, April

  Ah...spring in the Alps!  April is always a great time of year to visit in the high mountains:  lots of sunshine, some snow, rain, you name it!  Wild flowers are starting to poke their little heads up and the leaves are just beginning to bud out.  I am always surprised at how chilly the air is when I first step out of the van upon our arrival at the Camp!  It may be spring, but it can still feel like winter at times.  On one of our first mornings at camp, we awoke to an inch or so of new snow on the ground!  It was beautiful!

   Our April 2010 American team was made up of 2 students from Capernwray Bible School in England, a University of Utah sophomore and myself.  There were several French teens and a British young man, as well as the missionary kids who live at the camp and usually need to decide whether they will be counted as American or French for the week.  Also, Camp des Cimes provides a wonderful staff to work with for our week there and we cannot say enough great things about how well they run things there!  While we had fewer people at the camp this year, our lack of numbers was more than made up for by our enthusiasm for God and the great friendships we created and renewed.  It was a blessing to see several familiar French faces from the previous year and also great to meet some new people, including some of the missionaries who live at and around the camp itself. We also enjoyed some in-depth discussions about God's Word and asked ourselves some difficult questions to challenge us to greater spiritual growth.  This camp was made up of believers, so the focus was geared to the groups needs.  As in any group, there are always people going through various trials in their lives and we continue to pray for each one, that God will light their paths brightly and that each one would choose to trust Him and grow in their commitment and faith.   

   As camp came to a close and we said our goodbyes, we were surprised by the volcanic eruption in Iceland and how it affected quite a few of our campers and staff!  God graciously provided for everyone as travel plans were put on hold indefinitely when all of Europe was at a standstill and new concerns offered another chance to trust God in His infinite wisdom.  Leave it to the French to stage a train strike at the same time all planes were down!  But as we scattered to try to find our way home, His hand was upon each of us and as we look back at those extra days we spent in France, we know that it was God's Will and another opportunity to reach out to people we may not have spent time with otherwise.

   --Carrie Calvin

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