2007 Camp des Cimes, April 

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April 2007 Camp

Camp des Cimes, France

It was our privilege to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ in France again this April.  God has provided a picturesque Christian retreat center in the French Alps, where his children can come be refreshed and renewed and others who do not yet know Him, can begin a relationship with Him.  Such was the setting of our Franco-American Camp du Ski at Camp des Cimes (Camp of the Peaks) this year.

Our American team consisted of three leaders and six campers.  It has been our experience that God uses these camps to strengthen the faith of the leaders every bit as much as the youth!  There were many challenges we faced before we ever left American this year.  But God is faithful and He increased our faith as we trusted in Him to provide answers and solutions to the things that could have distracted us from His purpose.

We were very blessed to have such Godly young people as our team members.  They really reached out and got to know the French kids who came to the camp.  Several French kids said on the last day that this camp was the best camp they had ever attended.  I am told that these particular Christian kids attend many camps a year, just to be around other Christians.  We felt that was a great testimony to the level of friendships and spiritual growth that occurred at this camp.

Several French teens were in attendance who have not committed their lives to the Lord yet.  These kids really opened up and spent several hours asking questions about God.  We counted it as a great privilege that our team was able to answer their questions and to share their own faith with them and explain why we believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Since we have maintained email contact with these kids, one in particular has emailed and asked us to pray for certain situations.  It is very encouraging that he recognizes God’s power through prayer and we feel that he is very close to accepting Christ’s gift of salvation.

Part of every camp includes time for teaching from God’s Word.  This year, the missionary from France Mission in Paris, Lorenzo Monge, shared about the power of the spoken word…both our own words and the words of God…how they have the power to build up or destroy.  Lorenzo’s teaching touched many people at the camp, some of whom struggle with that very thing.  It was truly a teaching inspired by God, as that was not the focus that Lorenzo had intended to teach on just before he got up to speak on the first night.  God is full of surprises and knows just what we need!

With the French youth out numbering the Americans, it was a really good mix.  The missionaries prefer a camp where the Americans don’t overwhelm the French in numbers.  In attendance was one French teen who has suffered from depression in the past, but through his faith in Christ, has been lifted up and is much healthier today as a result.  He shared that he has begun to enjoy the challenge of speaking English at this camp and found that it is okay to risk making mistakes when everyone is so accepting.  In French culture, taking risks is a very difficult thing to do.  Those of us who try to speak French can totally relate to that.  One of the great ways everyone has to relate to each other is to try to teach each other things to say in our respective native languages.  As you can imagine, it can be hilarious.  Our team came home with a written list of French phrases that I’m sure are not to be found in any French language text book, or dictionary, for that matter!  The kid’s favorites are the pick-up lines…”Je vue la lune dans tes yeux.”  (I see the moon in your eyes!)…or “Je te kiffe!” (I dig you!)…that sort of thing.  

Since our last camp in February 2006 at Champfleuri, three of the French teens have visited us here in the Mill Creek/Mukilteo, Washington area.  These teens were able to come to our church, visit our youth group and in one case, go to our youth group summer camp at Lake Shasta, California.  It is always eye opening for them to see so many Christian young people in American.  Seeing them again at camp in France was like seeing old friends again.  These relationships have become so important for both the French and the Americans and each year we go, we create more friendships.  It is equally important for the leaders to maintain friendships with each other.  As leaders, we are discovering that our friendships with the French missionaries are both enriching and full of blessings.  Each year we look forward to spending time with these faithful people who work so hard all year long to reach this society that has fallen into darkness. 

Maintaining our friendships with the parents of the kids who have visited us in America has also become an outreach in itself.  One family has asked how they can make a donation to Camp des Cimes, a camp owned and run by Greater Europe Mission…an American organization.  It is virtually unheard of in France for a French person to support an American mission organization!  The father has seen such wonderful changes in his two children who have been to the camp, that he is extremely interested in giving back to this organization.  In fact, we recently learned that he gave 1,000 Euros to the Camp.  (about $1,340 in US funds)   We continue to marvel at the ways God is working through this ministry and we give Him the glory!

Once again, we want to thank you for your support of our team and our ministry.  We cannot operate without your generous financial gifts and your many prayers before the Lord.  You are all members of our team as well and we consider each of you a blessing!

Thank you for all you do for us to make this ministry a reality,

Humbly and faithfully yours,

Carrie and Larry Calvin

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