2008 Camp des Cimes, April

Christian Snowsports Ministry

April 2008

Camp des Cimes, France

     It’s hard to believe another April camp in France has come and gone.  We want to thank each one of you who have participated, contributed and prayed for us as we serve the Lord! 

     The Greater Europe Mission camp at Camp des Cimes was once again the site of our French/American ski camp in late April. It was a fairly small camp, as there were 13 French kids and 3 Americans, plus the leaders. Lorenzo Monge, from Paris, was there to lead the camp bible lessons.  He asked the group “What is love?”, “What is truth?” and “If you love someone, do you always have to tell the truth?”. It was amazing to hear some of the rationale for lying!!  In France, appearances are very important and it was very apparent that this discussion really hit home.  Growing up in France with a post-Christian worldview, they really struggled with those concepts.  Many of them heard for the first time, what the bible says about love and truth and about God’s love for them.

     During our last day together, we discussed the fact that bad things happen sometimes and what would the world be like if there were no bad things.  Many of them are going through difficult times in their lives and are really hurting.  But the teens believed that they needed bad things to appreciate the good things.  Lorenzo tried to put their ideas into perspective and gave some real life examples from things the kids were going through to illustrate just how crazy that belief is.  Bringing out the extremes of this line of thinking really challenged them to re-evaluate their own beliefs and to take another look at God’s plan for salvation.

     Our last night at camp, we all made clay abstract art that represented our experiences at the camp that week.  We then went around the room and told about our creations.  I learned that I have no clue how to make abstract art and am a very concrete thinker!  It was very cool to see what everyone else made and to hear their explanations.  Most of the teens were surprisingly very transparent about their feelings and how God was working in their lives. 

     One young man arrived at camp living very far from God.  We could see the struggle on his face each day…he was not a happy camper!  Near the end of the camp, he explained, that he finally allowed God back into his life.  We pray for him as he has so many outside influences in his life that pull him away from God.  That is true for all the teens at the camp as well.

     Several guys at the camp expressed a desire to know God and said they were still seeking to know Him.  One young man was full of questions all week.  Another just flat out said that he wanted to know God, but wasn’t sure he’d found Him yet.   Please join us in prayer for these precious French people.

     Thank you again, to all the staff at Camp des Cimes, for inviting us to participate in your ministry to reach those you care so much about in France.  We count it as a privilege to serve our great God along side you.  Thank you too, for all who have supported us in any form and continue to give us your support as we look forward to the 2009 camps!

In His service,

Carrie Calvin

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