2009 Camp des Cimes, April 

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April 2009 Camp

Camp des Cimes, France

     One of the effects of the economic downturn this year, was a smaller than normal camp at the annual "French/American Ski Camp" in France.  We had only 8 French teens in attendance and no American teens from the states.  But with a bunch of American leaders and a couple of American missionary kids who live in France, we were able to create the bi-lingual atmosphere we have had in the past.

      Although the April 2009 camp was small in numbers, God was mighty in His power!  He worked through the leaders each day, allowing us to present our unique message, yet working it all together as if we'd planned it that way!  When the camp was over and we all met to talk about what they liked best, one of the things mentioned was this cohesiveness and how the messages all worked together so well.  Truly God was working because none of us knew we were teaching before arriving at the camp and we were told we could teach on anything we wanted.  So in His infinite wisdom, He led us each down the same path.

     Several of the frequent campers, said that this was the best camp yet.  Because of the small size, they really felt they got to know everyone quite well and were able to strengthen their faith by their associations with each other.  One exciting element was to hear the French teens give their testimonies to the group.  In several instances, they sounded just like their American counterparts, however, several of the teens talked about the destructiveness of having the wrong friends and involvement in drugs, alcohol abuse, depression, mental health issues and the beginnings of hope and a new life with new faith in God.  We continue to pray for these kids and so many more like them in France.

Serving Him,

Carrie Calvin

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