2008 Champfleuri, February

Christian Snowsports Ministry

February 2008

    Champfleuri, France   

     What an amazing camp we just had!  Seven American leaders with Christian Snowsports Ministry traveled to the camp at Champfleuri to minister to 24 French youth for a week!  We helped the missionaries from Champfleuri lead groups of kids as we skied and snowboarded on the mountain, we led game times, shared testimonies, tried to speak French!, made friends, shared memories, helped the camp with transportation needs, helped with the clean up crew, shared the gospel, and prayed and sang Christian songs in both languages.  Because it was a bilingual camp, many French parents sent their high school age kids for the purpose of learning English from Americans.  As a result, there were several unchurched French youth there who heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for perhaps the first time.  There were also many high school age students there who are from Christian families, but their faith is not solid or is not yet their own.  We were there to strengthen their faith and to help them all to believe too.

     During one evening session, we split into small groups and asked the youth what their thoughts about the camp and message were.  Most of them said the really enjoyed the Christian songs in both languages.  The process of evangelization in France is much different than in the United States and we have to tread lightly.  So we were encouraged that they liked singing the songs about Jesus so well.  The next evening the gospel was clearly presented by a Frenchman and he also prayed with the group.  At this writing, we do not know if anyone committed their life to the Lord that night.  But we pray that their lives have been touched and that the Living Word of God is even now working in their hearts and changing their lives.  We pray the seeds that have been planted will spring forth in a great harvest some day soon!

     Thank you for your prayers and support of this ministry.  We couldn't do it without you!

In His service,

Carrie Calvin

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