2010 Champfleuri, February

   February camp at Champfleuri is something I look forward to all year! This year, we were excited about the group we were bringing. Three fun, outgoing guys: PJ, 24, Ian, a high school senior, and Kolin, a high school junior. These guys are a lot of fun and we were so excited to get them to interact with the French kids. None of them spoke hardly any French but were willing to try, which is all that really matters! 
   We had a few setbacks with our travel, but I'll spare you those details and get to the important stuff! Once we got to France, we hit the ground running. The church service at the International Church of Grenoble was so fun. I love sharing that place with friends from the States. We got right into picking kids up in downtown. It was vacation time in the Alps region so the whole country is coming into Grenoble to ski! The city was bustling and exactly the way we left it. It’s always amazing, for Dan and I, to return to France and find it much the same. 
   This year, however, I noticed one major change.  What I saw was LIFE in the youth. Many of the same students returned to camp but they seemed different. There was a joy in them that I hadn’t seen before. We came to find out that in January there had been a big youth rally called “Mad in France” that most of these kids went to and rededicated their lives to God. I always think how hard it must be to be only one of 2 or 3 Christians in your school, to not have a youth group close by. It’s events like camps and conferences that let these kids know they’re not alone. That’s what we focused on during this camp. How to keep going in your walk with God when you want to quit. PJ, Ian, and Kolin all shared their testimonies and each did a fantastic job. I think their stories were definitely relevant to what the French students are going through. 
   Please continue to pray that these kids and young adults return to camp, that they wrestle with the things they learn there and that God is doing amazing things in them and through them. Pray that they stay strong in who they are and continue to discover who God wants them to be. Help them to stand out in a country where it’s safer to blend in. Looking forward to the next camp in February 2011! 

Snow report:  AMAZING!!!  Some of the best skiing and boarding we've ever had at Les Sept Laux.  There were few beginners so it was a fast-paced, action-packed trip. 


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