2009 Champfleuri, February

     Camp was GREAT!  The best we've ever had.  There were something like 38 students so we were a camp of 45 or something crazy like that!  It was fun and full of energy.  The Irish group that came was a lot of fun.  There were 6 girls, not Christians, and 3 young adult leaders who were Christian.  One of the Irish campers had a family tragedy during the week and went home.  It was really tough on everyone.  Up until that point, the French and Irish had been very separate.  But the French were very sensitive and caring and really surrounded the Irish girls.   One of the American leaders presented the gospel during the week.  Although none of them made firm commitments, there were a lot of questions and I think MANY MANY seeds planted in the French and Irish students.  It was just a really powerful week.  


And the skiing.......AMAZING!!!!!  The best snow I've ever seen at Les Sept Laux.  It was very cold (about -4 each day) but sunny and there was powder!  And no one got hurt.  And every kid improved a lot! 

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