2006 Champfleuri, February


Christian Snowsports Ministry

February 2006

     Champfleuri, France

     Thanks to the hard working efforts of all the leaders and youth missionaries, we had a wonderful camp in France in February.  There were 10 French youth and 3 American youth at the camp along with 4 American leaders and 4 French leaders.  Several of the French kids were non-Christians, but were very open and curious about what they were hearing every day at the message time.  They asked questions and shared very openly about their thoughts on God and heaven.  We pray for them, that the Word they heard at camp will penetrate their hearts and souls and turn them toward faith in God.

     All of the other French teens who came have very few Christian friends.  One young man told me he had no Christian friends at all.  The Americans tried very hard to connect with these kids and make friends so they can continue to have relationships even after the Americans return home.  They did a fabulous job of communicating in broken French and English!  I think they really enjoyed the challenge.  

     As a testimony to how hard they worked, several of the French kids are making plans to come stay with the American families here this summer.  We have found this to be a common occurrence after camp!  It is our belief that one of the benefits of these camps is to establish life long friendships across physical, cultural and language barriers.  While France may not seem all that different than the US, in reality it is a world apart.  There are so few Christian teens in France, that it is difficult to live a life of faith.  It is a society that scorns a belief in God.  So, what a wonderful opportunity we have to share our faith with these lonely Christians by inviting them here to be embraced by many more brothers and sisters.

     We continue to be in contact with several French families whose teens we have made friends with at past camps and have subsequently come to the US to stay with us during the summer break.  It has been a privilege to become friends with these families and they are as much a blessing to us as we are to them.  It was with great joy that Larry and Carrie stayed on a few extra days after camp to fellowship with these families and to renew their friendships in person. 

     Not only are we encouraging the teenagers who come to the camps and their families, but we also have an impact on the missionaries who work there.  They are thrilled that we would take the time and spend the money to come to help them in their work with God.  Sometimes they feel so alone and isolated, working in a very unreceptive society.  The prayers and financial gifts that have been given by all of you, that have been given to help so many of us attend these camps are invaluable and we thank you for your participation in encouraging these missionaries in France and helping them with their work.

     We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve God and to be used by him.  

In His service,

Carrie and Larry Calvin

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