2009 Summer 

French visitors!

     It was our pleasure and privilege to host one of our good French friends while she was here in the Seattle area this summer!  We met her at camp in 2004 and our families have been friends ever since.  We continue to rejoice at how God has brought us all together from so far away!

   This summer we had two college students attend the Champfleuri summer camp "TED" (Totally English Days) as leaders.  Their enthusiasm is contagious as one shares her experiences from the trip.

     "There's a French proverb that says, "Les voyages forment la jeunesse." Meaning that traveling shapes a young person.  Traveling oversees, communicating through a language barrier and engaging another culture, is hard, rewarding and fulfilling.  Camp TED this summer was memorable.  Bryn and I, two students from Seattle Pacific University had the opportunity to work with 70 French and American campers.  For two weeks, we enjoyed the sunny foothills of the Alps to the extreme!  We swam in a crystal blue lake, hiked, camped in the mountains, kayaked, played a ton of sports, sang tons of songs, laughed and had a good time.  In the mornings, we dispersed into smallgroups.  I led an amazing smallgroup.  My group had a Moroccan boy, German, Swedish, British, and American girls and last but not least, a French boy.  The group brought all sorts of interesting biblical perspectives.  It's amazing how much we can grow in Christ by our differences.  This is why I love going on missions especially with French youth.  French people are very intellectual and not afraid to ask questions.  Then at night, the campers went to their rooms, and together with the counselors, we would chat about life.  I really got to know the campers and I miss them so much, it hurts!"

submitted by Natalie


    We are eagerly looking forward to the 2010 camping season and have begun thinking of fundraising ideas to help American teens and leaders afford the cost of this short-term missions outreach program.

     If you are interested in supporting a short-term missionary or becoming one yourself, contact us for more information.

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